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Graduate Opportunity

Engineering Graduate Scheme 2023


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Engineering at Toyota isn't about nuts and bolts. It's much more about having imagination plus the dedication to keep developing the best processes and products. It’s also everchanging at Toyota and there are many different engineering roles available. 

Webinar Highlight

Roobika - Toyota's recruitment process and some hints and tips!

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We encourage our engineers to look at things from every angle to find better ways of working. That's always been the Toyota Way - as our founder Sakichi Toyoda put it: "Inspiration comes from many places. We need to have our eyes, our minds and our hearts open to things we interact with every day, so open your window to the world." You can see that commitment reflected in cars like the all new Corolla. It's what makes Toyota a great place for inquisitive engineers to sharpen their skills. 

Each engineering role will be based within one of our key departments: Press, Weld, Assembly, Paint, Plastics, Quality Assurance or our Business Revenue Centre.

There are several different engineering roles available: 

  • maintenance engineering i.e. responsible for application equipment as well as refurbishment planning and co-ordinating of key wear items
  • systems engineering i.e. implementing and improving systems such as for autonomous guided vehicle for parts delivery within assembly & assessing effectiveness of cyber security for production critical systems
  • automotive with digital technology i.e. working with and introducing new AI technology
  • process engineering i.e. technical escalation and managing production/operational concerns e.g. for electrodeposition and anticorrosion process within paint, optimising processes introducing new materials and following technical drawings & standards
  • mechanical engineering i.e. responsible for assessing equipment on the production line and implementing changes to improve equipment and process efficiency.

Your time here: 

Our engineers make sure we can react quickly to breakdowns. They plan and implement new equipment. They're also pivotal in bringing the famous Toyota Production System to life - whether refining a process from a technical perspective or assessing the environmental impact of a production change. Ultimately, we want engineers who are versatile enough to work across the whole plant and beyond. 
Development is everything at Toyota. At its heart is the Japanese concept of kaizen - a belief that no process can ever be declared perfect; that there's always a better way. It's an intrinsic part of the way we work - the unique management philosophy that's made us an automotive leader. You can see it in our world-leading processes, our innovative products and, of course, in the way we develop our people. We place great emphasis on learning by doing - usually through structured, on-the-job training.  
All graduates will take part in six weeks of line training. This will mean that for those six weeks you will work on an area where we build the cars down on the shop floor. Although tough, this experience is extremely rewarding and interesting and gives you a real hands-on insight into what Toyota Manufacturing is all about. We believe this experience is crucial for your personal development and rather unique to our company. 

What we look for:  

We're looking for individuals who will share our values and believe that there's always a better way. So, if you thrive on analysing problems from different angles to develop solutions and take a practical approach to your work, you could go a long way with us. You should also have a consistently strong academic record, with a minimum 2:1 predicted degree result (BEng/MEng required). 

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Opportunity Overview

  • Deadline: October 24th, 2022
  • Starting: September 2023
  • Multiple vacancies
  • Starting Salary: £32,984 + benefits
  • 2:1 and above
  • Burnaston (Derbyshire) and Deeside
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Preferred Disciplines...

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical

Also Accepting...
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