Analyst Programmer

"Dorset Software is the friendly and supportive working environment that’s firmly in place"

University of Birmingham, Doctor of Engineering

While completing my degree, the role that software was playing in analysis of my data was becoming increasingly pronounced. I found that the fact that I was able to employ software to greatly improve the speed and accuracy of my analysis was more exciting than the results themselves!

I have been involved in developing a widely-known content management system for a client in the European pharmaceutical industry. Dorset Software’s graduate training programme ensured I had a strong foundation of understanding, so although some research was required, I found I could use a highly targeted approach in performing it.

Seeing a project from its early days through to delivery was a highly rewarding experience. I have found that the variety of duties I have performed and the systems on which I have performed them have given me valuable insight into the role and capability of software on a very detailed level. The company has offered me the opportunity to boost my understanding, capability, breadth and confidence in software, but it also offers support in the pursuit of recognised qualifications and accreditation.

The company has allowed me as a graduate to get to grips with all applicable areas of the business, so that I could be able to pursue those which suit me as I grow technically and professionally.

One of my favourite things about Dorset Software is the friendly and supportive working environment that’s firmly in place. The atmosphere is very relaxed, which helps to free creative minds. There is a strong social element, which new starters are warmly encouraged to embrace.

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