Network and Infrastructure Engineer

"The variety of cases and projects ensure that no two days at Dorset Software are the same."

University of Bath, BEng Computer Systems Engineering

I saw some posts for positions at Dorset Software on various graduate recruitment sites towards the end of my degree. I had originally applied to be a programmer as programming formed a large part of my degree and I enjoyed the problem solving aspect of coding.

I was shortly contacted by recruitment at Dorset Software, suggesting that I would be a good fit for their Network & Infrastructure role instead. I had always been interested in computer hardware outside of my degree, so it seemed like a good fit. I had my interview one week, graduation the next, and a job offer the week after, so it was a very quick process.

The graduate training programme at Dorset Software means that prior experience in Networking & Infrastructure is not a requirement for the role. I may have known my way around the inside of a PC before starting, but I spent my first few weeks at Dorset Software getting familiar with things like Active Directory Domains, Clustering, SQL Server and server room logistics. My first task for our Digital team involved creating a new developer PC build image using Microsoft’s Deployment Toolkit to deploy it.

I then did some training modules from our Programming and Testing streams. This was very helpful as it gives a lot of insight into the role of other technical employees at Dorset Software, and as a result makes future collaboration with these two streams much more efficient.

I have spent most of the last year working in the IT Systems Management team. This involves supporting internal and client systems and occasionally working on larger projects such as platform migrations for client websites or creating new test platforms on our own network. The variety of cases and projects ensure that no two days at Dorset Software are the same, and that I am always developing technical skills in new areas. There is also an abundant supply of biscuits!

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