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Applied Research Summer Placement

Duration: 12 weeks

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Entry requirements - You must be in the Penultimate year of your degree course, on track to achieve a 2.1 degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) subject. We’ll also consider a 2.1 degree holder studying for a post graduate qualification in a relevant STEM subject.

Do you want to be part of the team that solve our future challenges? You might wonder how we come up with all of our technologies and are constantly innovating. Well, the answer is simple. It’s our Applied Research team.

By joining us on a summer placement, you’ll get to see how we work with universities around the world, as well as other companies to conduct unique technical research. That unique technical research is in business critical areas and underpins our ability to provide fantastic solutions for our customers.

So what will you be doing? You’ll be contributing to one of our technology research projects. We’ll get you developing your skills and experience  research  in one or more of a number of technology areas including optics, 5G, quantum technologies, novel computing architectures, artificial intelligence, video networking, TV, data science,  machine learning…..we could go on.

You’ll explore the many exciting ways we can use technology to meet the needs of our global customers now, and in the future. You might be working on a project looking at how to increase broadband speeds, or how to find faults on our network before they occur, or how to keep BT and our customers safe from cyber-attacks. You’ll develop world-class problem solving and analytical skills, becoming an expert in your field and acting as a consultant to other parts of our organisation.

We’ll make sure you get some relevant training for your placement to be able to deliver a successful research project.  You’ll get to be part of and learn from a team of world class subject matter research experts – ideal to kick start a career in research technology.

Our Applied Research Summer Placement programme is available in the Technology part of our business.

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Opportunity Overview

  • Ongoing
  • £18,200 pro rata + benefits
  • 2:1 and above (expected)
  • 1 to 6 months, Summer
  • Ipswich (Suffolk)
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Disciplines accepted...

  • All STEM disciplines

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