John Sisk placed innovation at the very heart of his business when he founded it in 1859.

Innovation is at the heart of our business

We continually commit to investing in training and exploring new technologies, fostering and encouraging the Sisk visionary mentality in all our people and continually challenging both ourselves, our supply chain partners and our stakeholders to be creative and innovative in everything we do.

Throughout our history, we’ve frequently delivered on this innovative approach, using new technology, materials and/or building techniques on countless projects for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Innovation in practice at Center Parcs

Tracking live progress was critical to the team at Center Parcs. The two most innovative techniques we used at Center Parcs were Digital Project Delivery and Lean Construction.


Robotics enhancing productivity

Sisk has become the first contractor in Europe to introduce robotics to construction projects, investing €150k as part of its commitment to enhance productivity on its sites and minimise health and safety risks to its workforce.

The innovative robotic tool known as a Material Unit Lift Enhancer (“MULE”) was developed by the New York based company Construction Robotics. It is now operational at Sisk’s Wembley Park E05 site in London, a major residential development.

Digital Smart Containers

Sisk has developed an innovative system of ‘Digital Smart Containers’ that are linked to a QR code. This enables our site teams to access project information, review quality checks and tasks for each flat, all in one unique place.

This system has proven to increase our efficiency by 35% in only four months. In the same period the overall production efficiency (e.g. QA checks, issues fixed by subcontractors, work approved) increased by 21.1% (with a target of 35% by Q4 2019). The Digital Smart Containers have also led to a reduction of paper printed in our office by 44%.