Graduates build successful careers at Sisk with breadth and depth of experience

Added: Over a year ago by John Sisk and Son

Excelerate is a comprehensive 4 year development programme that has been carefully designed to underpin the rigorous chartership requirements of the various professional institutes. The breadth of the programme at the start of one’s career in construction ensures that all aspects of the project lifespan are covered – from pre-construction at the beginning, to commissioning the project upon its completion. Irrespective of one’s discipline our graduates are expected to be curious about the commercial, planning, construction, safety and many other integral parts of bringing a project to life. This curiosity is built upon in quarterly workshops, reports, on-the-job application and placement rotations.

Whilst on the programme graduates are treated like a project. What we mean by that is that the 4 years are structured to a very detailed level, where graduates are working to a plan and against a specific timeline. The programme utilises a blend of learning methodologies which will deliver the depth and breadth of learning and practical experience. 8-month placements allow graduates to not only learn the technical skills associated with their discipline, but also how to effective manage people and processes, which are core to one’s development for the future.

This is combined with robust programme management to track graduates’ progress and a structured personal feedback and support process that will ensure graduates’ success on the programme and beyond as Project Managers, Commercial Managers, Building Services Managers or Technical Experts at Sisk.

We currently have 65 graduates on the programme and are looking to bring in between 15-20 new graduates each September, to keep building our talent for the future, and grow our business with the best people!