Alexandros Belcher

Graduate Excelerate programme (2015 intake)

"A well-structured programme, designed to lead you to your personal growth by enhancing your experience and helping you reach chartership status."

Name: Alexandros Belcher

Studied at: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (MEng) - University of Birmingham (MSc)

Degree: Diploma (MEng) in Civil Engineering - MSc in Construction Management

What attracted you to Sisk and the Excelerate programme?

The ample opportunities to work on different projects and environments through the various placements, allowing you to gain a more complete understanding and experience in your field of work. In addition, the structured programme which will allow me to pursue my professional accreditation.

In no more than 20 words explain what Excelerate is?

A well-structured programme, designed to lead you to your personal growth by enhancing your experience and helping you reach chartership status.

How did you find the recruitment process?

Everything was done quickly and efficiently. I was regularly contacted by an HR person informing me about the next steps of the process. Once you pass the first stages, you kind of want to go all the way. I really enjoyed the assessment centre day with all the different tasks and exercises that were arranged.

How are you supported through the programme?

The main person is your Mentor, who is assigned to help and guide you through the four years of the scheme. He/she will read your reports, give you feedback and assist in any way with your concerns. In addition, the Sisk personnel on the projects are really experienced and willing to share their knowledge should you require them to.

Tell me in your own words what your best experience has been on the Excelerate programme to date?

Leaving my first placement, knowing that I had done my job, closing out all of the outstanding issues and handing over the areas that I was responsible for. Left the project having gained great experience.

What have you found most challenging?

The weather sometimes tends to be challenging especially if you are working outdoors.

Any tips for future applicants?

Read up on the Excelerate programme, understand what you are signing up for and show commitment to the scheme.

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