Coral Thomson

Graduate Excelerate Programme (2015 intake)

"You will have plenty of support, the opportunity to travel and meeting new people, and the programme is specifically designed to help you complete your APC."

Name: Coral Thomson

Studied at (university): Liverpool John Moores University

Degree: MSc Commercial Building Surveying

What attracted you to Sisk and the Excelerate programme?

The Excelerate programme is well structured, with ample opportunity to work on different, exciting projects that are helping me to learn and develop skills. There is an excellent support system, and I have the opportunity to progress within the company and complete the APC.

In no more than 20 words explain what Excelerate is?

Excelerate is a programme aiming to support graduates towards Chartership by giving them valuable onsite experience in their chosen discipline.

How did you find the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was thorough. It started with a written application with online tests. These were followed by an assessment day with other candidates which included a group activity, interview, pre-prepared presentation and a written report. Although the process was intense and a bit daunting at first, there was plenty of opportunity to demonstrate my skills. It was also a chance to meet Sisk staff and learn more about the company.

How are you supported through the programme?

I am supported by my mentor who is always just a phone call away. He offers advice and helps me achieve my end goal of becoming chartered within the 4 years. I work with my line manager and the site team on a daily basis, all of whom are more than happy to answer my many questions and support my learning and development. The other graduates in my year are a ready-made support network. I enjoy catching up with them, and hearing about their experiences at our quarterly workshops.

Tell me in your own words what your best experience has been on the Excelerate programme to date?

It is difficult to pick a best experience but not being from a Quantity Surveying background, it was probably all those moments when something ‘clicked’ and I felt my confidence rise and was more comfortable on the job.

What have you found most challenging?

I am part of a big, close family. Moving to Ireland by myself and knowing no one was daunting, so it took a little time to adjust. The long working hours at times and the fact that I move onto a new project about every 8 months, can make it difficult to establish a new, local friendship group.

Any tips for future applicants?

Just go for it! You will have plenty of support, the opportunity to travel and meeting new people, and the programme is specifically designed to help you complete your APC.

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