Holly Graham

Excelerate Graduate Engineer

"The first week all the Excelerates were together, it was great."

Studied at (university/ college): Liverpool John Moores University

Degree: Mechanical Engineering, 2:1

What attracted you to Sisk and the Excelerate programme?

The travel opportunities and the wide range of projects and experience available.

In no more than 20 words explain what Excelerate is?

A graduate engineer who moves to a different project every 8 months gaining experience, connections and fresh eyes to the project.

How did you find the recruitment process?

The group activity was interesting and the factual exercise was good to get you thinking about different parts of the business. Well organised.

How are you supported through the programme?

We have a mentor who reads and improves the reports we write about our 8-month placements and they keep in touch constantly to ensure we are happy with our placement. The two projects I have been on also had a very supportive team on site.

Tell me in your own words what your best experience has been on the Excelerate programme to date?

The first week all the Excelerates were together, it was great. We had fun doing team building exercises like Jacobs Ladder. As a mechanical engineer it was good to have a day learning how to set out and for the civil engineers it was a good recap.

Please describe in summary what your day/week looks like in your current/most recent placement you’d like to share?

I am on the Isle of Man Ferry Terminal, this is an amazing project as there is so much historical value working on the Docks of Liverpool. Learning for the archaeologists on site has been fascinating. I started the project towards the end of the enabling works stage, so currently my job consists of analysing groundworks and tidal data (how the tide is affecting the quay wall).

What have you found most challenging?

The first week starting on a project when you are getting your bearings of the site, but this is enviable and having a great site team makes it a lot easier.

Any tips for future applicants?

Always ask questions. Have fun. Ask for tasks, don’t wait to be given it!