Melissa De Castillo

Summer Internship

"Throughout the programme we met regularly with different senior leaders in the company which actually allowed us to better understand the different functions operating within King."

Hello! I am Melissa De Castillo, and I have recently completed my 10-week Summer Internship with the Learning and Talent Development team at King Digital Entertainment.

To kick off the internship, we had a great induction where we were able to meet all the interns that were enrolled in the programme. The group was very diverse with people coming from all different countries, cultures and backgrounds. During the induction we had an opportunity to share something interesting about ourselves and say what we were hoping to get out of the internship. We also got to learn more about the history of the company, and King’s values in terms of how they are applied to everyday working life.

Since a fundamental part of the company’s culture is to be honest and open with one another, we were encouraged to ask questions in a Q&A session with the senior leaders in order to learn more about their experiences and how they’ve got to where they are now. The induction was very fun and interactive, and it allowed us to bond together as a group. My internship group in London also organised some social activities amongst ourselves.

My experience of getting to know people in the office has been great! Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful which makes our projects and integration into the company much easier. As part of the internship programme you receive a buddy which is usually someone in your team or close to your team that helps guide you through the whole process. My buddy was fantastic - she was super helpful at navigating me through the different computer systems, offices, introducing me to people, and providing me with advice on my projects. She was a great person to bounce ideas off and help me progress in general.

Throughout the programme we met regularly with different senior leaders in the company which actually allowed us to better understand the different functions operating within King.

Working with my team has been amazing. They made me feel welcome and supported throughout the whole programme which allowed me to easily progress through my projects and deliverables. The wider HR team has also been extremely helpful, and I was fortunate enough to be able to work with them on my projects.

I would say that the overall environment at King is very diverse, open, and welcoming. The HR team are developing amazing projects to help support the studios and all the various teams within the company. Interestingly, there are still many processes and programmes that need to be developed and redefined. This just shows how open the culture still is to innovating and continuing to improve and grow as a business.

It has been a great experience interning at King. Along the way, I have met some very talented and passionate people that truly love what they do and enjoy working here. I have gained new skills and learnt so many things during my time here. It’s also been a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in not only a different sector to the ones I’ve gained previous experience in but also such a fast-growing company.

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