Amit’s take on Life at King

"A bonus of being part of a central internal consulting team is that I got to travel to a lot of the company’s European offices."

Hi everyone, I’m Amit and I have been part of the 10-week summer internship program working in the Business Performance team here at King. I’m originally from the U.S. but right now I am working towards an MBA at London Business School. Before my MBA I was a Senior Strategy Analyst at JPMorgan Chase.

The thing that has struck me the most during my time here is that King has a very fun and friendly atmosphere. The company feels more like a community than a place to work. There’s organized activities after work, classes every day in the gym, and even the occasional team-building day out where we do fun activities as a group. The company also encourages us to get together with other new hires and we end up doing a lot of stuff together from grabbing dinner one evening to catching a movie after work.

The work itself is also very interesting. Business Performance is like the internal consulting division for the company. I have been working in a central team which means we offer advice and tools to the Business Performance Units of individual game studios. It also means that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a huge number of people throughout the company.

My team has been very accommodating to me since I joined. My manager gave me space to design my very own projects but was always there to offer advice when I needed it. Of my two projects, my favourite was developing a framework to quantify the monetary impact of Business Performance activities. This tool can be used to prioritize projects, evaluate performance, and even discuss the value that the Business Performance division brings to the company. Something that I’m particularly proud of was that I used a solver program from my MBA’s statistics class to help build this tool.

Finally, a bonus of being part of a central internal consulting team is that I got to travel to a lot of the company’s European offices. In particular, I travelled to Stockholm about once a month to meet the rest of my team and have also spent a week in Barcelona. I have friends who have been to Berlin, Bucharest, and even San Francisco.

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