Our Values

At VMware, we dare to reach our goals in a collaborative, thriving environment with shared values. The acronym EPIC2 (Execution, Passion, Integrity, Customers and Community) represents the hallmark of our VMware culture, and what we stand for as individuals and as a community.

How we deliver on our vision comes through in the work we do every day. Our people are driven to create amazing innovations in a workplace that encourages growth and supports learning.

VMware Shared Values. It's EPIC2.

VMware people share a strong set of shared values. This is the story of how we found them within ourselves, how they inform what we do, and how we will use them in our journey together.

Employee Profiles

Benedetta Montich - Business Development Manager Associate

"The first time I met my manager, she brought me in every meeting she had that day and..."

Simran Arora - Graduate Systems Engineer

"Not only did the programme give me time to settle in at my own pace, but it also gave..."
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