Scott Greatbatch

Graduate Engineer

"No two days are the same. One day you could find yourself in the design team for a next generation product and the following you could be involved in analysis of sales data for the whole of Europe."

What does your role involve?

Instron’s Graduate Scheme comprises of a twelve-week induction followed by three six-month placements in which you will be working in a variety of roles focusing on both commercial and technical aspects of the business.

In the twelve-week induction, you will have a week with each key function which will give you a holistic understanding of the business as well as chance to learn from the experts. In this time, I got to be involved in the build of a 1 MN system, service customer systems, and experience VR supported design.

You will find that each six-month placement is entirely unique. This gives you an excellent chance to develop skills in various areas, some perhaps outside the background of your degree. I completed two placements before becoming a full-time Mechanical Engineer in the research and development team. The first placement was in a design and development role focusing on the continuous improvement of the Servohydraulic product range. The Second, was in a marketing role which involved developing customer-facing documentation and analysing sales data for the dynamic low force segment of the business.

How did you become a Graduate Engineer?

I studied at Loughborough University for five years in which I completed my undergraduate degree in Product Design Engineering and my Master of Science in Engineering Design. As part of my undergraduate degree I did a sandwich year at Instron as a Mechanical Engineer Intern which subsequently led on to my dissertation in the feasibility and development of electro-mechanical accessories for dynamic testing.

Top Tips!

Be inquisitive! Getting a degree doesn’t mean you have stopped learning. Try new things. Not only will you meet new people, but you will get understand a variety of perspectives.