Alice Dalla Costa

Graduate Engineer

"My experience on the Graduate Scheme at Instron included 2 weeks of induction with the Senior Leadership Team and Managers, followed by 10 weeks of rotation in the key functions of the business, and a 6-month placement in operations after which I became a full-time member of Instron in my current role."

What does your role involve?

I like to define my current role as- an internal consultancy role that has the responsibility for investigating business situations, identifying and evaluating options for improving business processes, defining requirements and ensuring the effective use of information systems in meeting the needs of the business. Being a Business Analyst as part of the Instron Global IT Team is a fantastic opportunity for me to be a major driver of the ongoing improvement and simplification of Instron’s business processes, and it means I get to work with many different countries, business models and application end users. Each project is unique and, most of all, is an extraordinary experience with the Global Team and Instron’s users worldwide.

How did you become a Graduate Engineer?

I graduated from the University of Udine in Italy, with a bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering and a dissertation on a Lean-Thinking-based process improvement. My work at University developed my passion for learning how to design, implement and control business processes. Other interests of mine involved finding out how to coordinate general objectives of the enterprise with different organisational units, as well as how to manage complex, innovative projects in integrated information systems.

After graduation, the plan of moving to London and to learn the English language grew proportionally with my desire to dedicate a good portion of my life to travelling. I needed the language of Global Business to be able to expand my work opportunities! In 2015, I moved to England and within two years I completed my studies at Brunel University with an MSc in Engineering Management.

My first 6-month placement started with Instron’s Graduate Scheme in September 2017, where I focused on the implementation of the Integrated e-Kanban System to automate order point replenishment. The Graduate Scheme exposed me to all sides of the business, giving me the opportunity to spend a few days in key functions such as Sales, Business Team, Engineering, Production, Supply Chain and Service. This was a very enriching and eye-opening experience to how all departments integrate to deliver the best product to the market. Information, communication, collaboration and accuracy of data in the software-system are key aspects to the success of the business. Thanks to the structure of the Graduate Scheme, when I had to choose my second 6-month placement I knew what I wanted: To become a BA. This is how Business Analysis became my full-time job! Since then I have also committed to studying for the International Diploma in Business Analysis, thanks to Instron’s support in developing the best employees – They are constantly encouraging personal and professional development.

Top Tips!

The most enriching experiences are outside of your comfort zone! The higher the risk the greater the reward. The Graduate Scheme at Instron has been a worthwhile step in my career and helped me understand my real strengths as well as develop and grow within the company.