Software Developer

"The atmosphere at TPP is really friendly and everyone is always willing to help."

When I graduated last year, I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of job I was looking for. I wanted to be challenged and given responsibility alongside the opportunity to use my languages. I started working at TPP this year as an Analyst and immediately felt welcome joining a team developing new functionality for SystmOne.

As soon as you start you are treated as an important member of the team. The weeks have really flown by, and this is due in part to the variety of each day. I love knowing that my work has a positive impact, and the company is heading in a very exciting direction on an international scale.

After a few weeks in the company, I was approached about becoming a Software Developer. Given the opportunity to shadow one as a taster, I realised how much the role suited the way I think. I never truly believed the ‘no experience required’ advert but it is so true!

The atmosphere at TPP is really friendly and everyone is always willing to help. The whole company works together so whether you’re an Analyst or a Software Developer, we’re all working towards the same goal.

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