Account Manager

"One of my favourite aspects of the role is the travelling we get to do both in the UK and internationally."

(BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) - University of York)

Like many people, after graduating I was unsure of which career path I wanted to follow. I knew I wanted a fast-paced and challenging customer-facing role. The Account Manager role at TPP ticked these boxes. Working within the Healthcare industry was also a big pull. It is very rewarding that the work we do can have a positive impact on how our clients operate, and ultimately on the delivery of patient care.

A good Account Manager should be driven, organised and have good personal skills. Within weeks of starting at TPP, I was responsible for my own area, which involved managing relationships with key individuals at different levels of the NHS.

As an Account Team, we are responsible for prioritising work for the rest of the company, as well as developing new business. We have to decide how to use the resources available to us to meet the company’s strategic objectives. It is important that we understand the often complex needs of our customers so that we can use our resource effectively. Having an understanding of the challenges faced by different customers and a good knowledge of our products is important in this role.

I enjoy working in a company that is rapidly expanding. We are consistently reviewing and updating processes as the demands of our customers change. You are encouraged to question things and make your mark on the company. Nothing is set in stone: even our employee handbook is a working document that is constantly changing.

One of my favourite aspects of the Account Manager role is the travelling we get to do both in the UK and internationally. Although we are broadly split in to UK and International teams, everybody gets the opportunity to pick up projects from the UK and abroad which keeps things interesting.

Relocating to the area was easy as TPP is a very social place to work. It is great working with so many young, intelligent and like-minded people. There are numerous other benefits including regular massages, breakfast on a Friday and £200 to spend on a meal for your birthday. Every Friday there is a good turnout for the open bar at the local pub!