Electronic Design in Partnership

Partner Electronics is a fast-moving, dynamic design company that works closely with its technical clients to achieve results as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

With a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers, we work to provide a broad range of electronic design skills and resources to clients' projects, as it is needed. This gives the project manager the flexibility and control to optimise the project for fast completion or cost, or to react to the unexpected.

Specialist Areas

Our engineering team is made up of engineers with many years' of experience with major engineering companies, taking products from concept through to production. Some of the areas we have experience in are:

  • Design and development of electronic hardware
  • Analogue and RF circuit and system design
  • Sensor and instrumentation design
  • Battery management
  • Optoelectronics, including LEDS, semiconductor lasers, modulators and detectors
  • Digital, high speed, and gigabit transmitters and receivers
  • Microcontrollers from 8 bit upwards
  • Embedded software, firmware and logic design using FPGA and CPLD
  • iPhone apps and accessory development
  • Software development including C++ and C#

Join the Team

Teamwork is a key part of our ethos at Partner Electronics and we believe we are more innovative and rigorous when we interact together. We look to provide opportunities to be creative in our challenging yet informal working environment whilst delivering the best solutions to our clients.

Where we are

Our Silverstone offices are set in superb countryside in a region with a long standing history of leading edge technology, from telecommunications to motor-sport. From here we work with our clients throughout the country and worldwide to deliver technology solutions.

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Graduate intake: <10
We are electronics and firmware specialists.
We operate in many sectors including medical, industrial and consumer products.
We're based in a converted barn office in Silverstone.
We have a dynamic working environment in a small engineering team.
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