Ground Handling Operational Status Tool

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Each real world aircraft has engineering data associated with it. This data needs to be entered into the Amadeus DBM database. Amadeus engineers within the DC3 (Departure Control) team build weight and balance (passenger, catering, baggage, cargo, fuel, etc.) engineering data into this database to be used for load control.

Each aircraft data build goes through a rigorous process to ensure the data is correct and up-to-date and therefore safe to use in real world flights. This process includes planning and build, internal validation, test phase and delivery, before finally being approved by the airline. It will then be available for use in Altéa Flight Management.

Main Subject (GHOST)

The Ground Handling Operational Status Tool is a project management tool used to manage requests for these aircraft documentation builds. It tracks the builds of data and any updates to them so that we have a full and searchable history of any changes to the aircraft data. The tool allows multiple ground handlers to request data for the same aircraft and provides alerts to the database engineers for any special procedure or copied aircraft.

The internship task is to maintain and iteratively improve GHOST and its sister tool, SPIRIT, using agile development methodology. GHOST and SPIRIT are implemented as web applications stored on an apache web server. The majority of GHOST is written in Object-Oriented PHP with separate namespaces for the data model and the HTML UI generation. The data model handles all accesses to the MySQL database and can also return UI elements such as tables containing the data. There is a class for each type of data stored in GHOST, this includes everything from the DBM Requests and Updates mentioned above to user visits and messages sent between the users. GHOST and SPIRIT use the same codebase and only differ by the classes they use to present data to the user.

The UI model is highly encapsulated allowing the creation of complex HTML groups with a minimal amount of code. Another benefit of the UI model approach is that a class such as UITable can output in multiple ways- as a HTML table or as a Microsoft Excel export.

Amadeus: Who We Are

We're a technology company dedicated to the global travel industry. It's a large business operating at a massive scale, but what we offer travel businesses can be explained simply.

JavaScript is also used throughout the application to respond to user input (such as onClick events) on the client side of the system. Pages and content in GHOST are loaded onto the screen using AJAX. GHOST also uses JavaScript to implement some client-side features such as interactive maps and graphs. The maps and graphs show useful statistics about GHOST usage such as the number of data builds done for airlines in a particular country and the number of visits to GHOST over a given time period.
GHOST also uses several internal Amadeus APIs which provide results in JSON format. There are several APIs used for from finding out more about the GHOST users from their Windows logins, or getting the list of all transactions into the Altéa Flight Management database.

Side Project (Acronym Finder & Others)

At Amadeus we use a very large number of acronyms. Every airline and ground handler have their own acronym and some have many. We use acronyms regularly for various Amadeus products such as FM (Flight Management) and CM (Customer Management). GHOST currently stores over 5000 of these acronyms.

We have a simple form-based application written in C# using Visual Studio as an IDE that can be used to search for the meaning of acronyms straight from the desktop. This may also need some improvements and bug fixes.

In addition there are also some other data processing tasks that may have to be infrequently performed, involving interacting with data from many source systems and formats. For example, DC3 currently sends out a monthly newsletter which often includes data derived from GHOST.

Required Skills:

  • Object Oriented Programming

Personal Skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Analysing and Investigating Skills
  • Time Management
  • Flexibility

Programming Skills:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • PHP 5.5
  • Libraries: PHPExcel
  • MySQL (for querying database)
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • JSON Results from internal Amadeus APIs
  • Libraries: Bootstrap, Chart.js, CKEditor, JQuery (UI), Select2
  • C# (for Acronym Tool)


  • MySQL

Communication Protocols & Standards:

  • HTTP
  • SFTP
  • SSH

Operating Systems:

  • Linux, Windows 7

Other Technologies:

  • GUI Programs
  • PHPStorm or NetBeans as IDE to implement GHOST
  • Putty (to SSH into server)
  • WinSCP (to FTP into server)
  • Visual Studio (with Blend) (for Acronym Tool)
  • Command Line Programs
  • Apache Server
  • Git (for version control)
  • phpDocumentor (for generating code documentation)
  • yuiCompressor (for minifying CSS and JS) (Can be integrated with PHPStorm)
  • PHPUnit (Can be integrated with PHPStorm)

Opportunity Overview

  • Closing Date: June 30, 2017
  • Salary: £22,000
  • Placement Duration: 6 months, Year-long
  • Location: London
  • Region: London and South East
  • Type: Work Placement / Internship

Other benefits...

  • 20 days' annual leave pro-rated to internship duration
  • Pension (1% employee 1% employer contribution)
  • Opportunity to be fast tracked onto Graduate Scheme on successful completion of internship

Disciplines accepted...

  • Computer & IT
  • Hardware
  • Maths
  • Software
  • Systems

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