Compensation Analyser and Forecaster Internship

Shaping the future of travel is important to us at Amadeus. Today, with technology getting smarter by the minute, that future is more exciting than ever. Our business success relies on our people being always passionate about what we do. We believe in aiming for excellence, taking responsibility, working together and putting our customers first.

We encourage you to be part of new and exciting projects and for you to take the lead when it comes to your progression.
Since mobility allows you and Amadeus to grow, we always look internally first when searching for candidate.

Amadeus handles a lot of real time, mission critical applications, with 24*7 traffic around the world.

One of these applications is Customer Management, which deals with everything related to a customer check-in and boarding on a flight, while interacting with other Amadeus applications.

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Scope of this internship:

When a passenger is disrupted (flight cancellation, flight delay) they are entitled to a compensation from the airline (monetary compensation, meal or hotel vouchers) Customer Management embeds a compensation functionality managing this requirement.

The scope is to improve the compensation functionality by:

  • Providing a tool analysing the airline setup.
  • Simulating a compensation solution to evaluate the cost of a flight disruption.

What to expect:

  • A strong learning of the airline business, as compensation has impacts on many applications.
  • Interactions with lots of different stakeholders, on multiple sites (London, Nice, Sydney)
  • Implementing some software that could be reused later as part of more global products.
  • You will come away with an understanding of how to design a modular architecture, how to connect to a variety of platforms and interfaces, as well as how to keep usability & performance in mind in your design.

Requirements from delivered tools:

  • Developing a usable tool that will allow to monitor better the system.
  • A tool that can provide some real information about compensation, taking into account the different inputs (data setup, user choices)
  • The tool should be easily deployable, modularised, maintainable & usable.

We are looking for an independent candidate, with an ability to grasp information very quickly, and an ability to design a well modularised, performant application.

Opportunity Overview

  • Closing Date: June 30, 2017
  • Salary: £22,000
  • Placement Duration: 6 months, Year-long
  • Location: London
  • Region: London and South East
  • Type: Work Placement / Internship

Other benefits...

  • 20 days' annual leave pro-rated to internship duration
  • Pension (1% employee 1% employer contribution)
  • Opportunity to be fast tracked onto Graduate Scheme on successful completion of internship

Disciplines accepted...

  • Computer & IT
  • Hardware
  • Maths
  • Software
  • Systems

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