How to apply

We want the best graduates, ready to make a difference. Thus, we’ve made the application and assessment process for our UK&I Graduate Development Programme both swift and robust.

What are we looking for?

At AECOM, we value graduates who have an excellent technical grounding in their particular field, with the ability to assimilate and analyse information effectively and objectively to make informed decisions. Equally as important, we are looking for certain core behaviours that will enable graduates to thrive, such as teamwork, the ability to communicate effectively, the confidence to challenge and ask questions, the ability to prioritise, and creative and innovative thinking.

What is the assessment process?

Online registration

There is a short online registration to enter your details and to demonstrate your suitability for the practice area(s) you select.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Our online, engaging and interactive assessment, bespoke to AECOM and designed with our graduates, helps us assess how you would react in scenarios likely to happen at AECOM. It places you in these scenarios and asks you to confirm the most and least appropriate action to take. Just as importantly, it helps you decide whether AECOM is right for you.

Online Numerical Reasoning

This stage of the application process only applies to certain roles.

Final-stage technical assessment or assessment day

If successfully shortlisted for the final stage, you will be invited for a technical assessment or full assessment day with the team you are being considered for. This will take place in the office for which you are being considered, or remotely if you are not based in the United Kingdom or Ireland. 

Useful tips

You can only submit one application form, but you can select and be considered for up to three practice areas.

Come prepared with some insightful questions.

In preparation for the final stage assessment, make sure you can demonstrate your knowledge of AECOM; your knowledge and expertise relevant to the team you are applying to; and your passion and enthusiasm. Come prepared with some insightful questions.

When completing the Situational Judgement Test, answer the questions honestly,  and don’t try to second guess what you think we want to hear.

Please refer to our UK graduate brochure and/or our Ireland graduate brochure before starting your application as these will indicate which practice areas you can apply to, based on your degree.

If you are totally flexible on office location, please select the ‘totally flexible’ option.