Monica Reilly

Ground Engineering, Glasgow

"AECOM provides a strong foundation to build essential skills and further my career in the industry"

BSc Earth Sciences - University of Glasgow

Since joining the Ground Engineering team in Glasgow in 2013, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects such as the Stockholm Bypass and A9 Dualling. Entering in to the company as a graduate was very exciting and I couldn’t wait to learn how to apply my skills in the industry. In two years, I have had a good balance between office and site work. I enjoy site work as I like to see projects in context and how data is collected for project planning and design; from slope inspections to ground investigation supervision. I recently worked on rock slope assessments in the North West Highlands; this involved detailed mapping of road side rock slopes, assessing if they are potentially hazardous to road users. I particularly enjoyed this project as it involved investigating data collection techniques and ultimately applying my engineering judgment to the final outcome of the project. Understanding complex ground conditions, whether it is natural soft soils or extensive mining and seeing how these factors can influence the engineering of a project is one the highlights of the job.

My aim for the future is to become a chartered geologist. In taking part in the GDP, working on a variety of projects and having great support within the department, AECOM provides a strong foundation to build essential skills and further my career in the industry.

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