David Stevens, Head of Infrastructure and Operations

"Payments is an exciting, fast-moving sector"

There are lots of reasons why I chose to join Worldpay. Payments is an exciting, fast-moving sector and Worldpay’s double-digit growth and rapid expansion into new geographies meant that infrastructure provision would be a real challenge.

I lead the team which designs, builds and operates Worldpay’s IT Infrastructure. Technology’s very much at the heart of what we do and in this fast-paced industry, it’s always changing.

Juggling the demands of running highly complex IT Operations with the desire to constantly innovate is all part of the fun. And it’s what makes this one of the most dynamic environments I’ve ever worked in.

Located right in the heart of the City of London, our ‘smart working’ open-plan office helps to drive collaboration between different teams. Nobody has a personal office – not even the CEO!

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