Mark O’Brien, Data Transformation Director

"My role and responsibilities have changed significantly during my time with Worldpay"

Mark joined Worldpay as Chief Financial Officer of eCommerce. Initially, he managed a small Finance team, but his remit soon expanded to include Business Intelligence and Pricing, Customer Analytics and Customer Relationship Management. He also created our Optimisation team, which advises our largest customers on payments performance.

When Mark saw opportunities to improve the value we get from our data, he put it to the Board. This resulted in an internal reorganisation, and he now leads a 50-strong Data team which brings together data analysts, scientists, architects, technologists and governance experts.

My role and responsibilities have changed significantly during my time with Worldpay. It’s a fast-evolving company undergoing significant change in an exciting market which presents a whole range of fantastic opportunities for people with the rights skills, experience and attitude.

One of my major challenges is to see that we make the most of latest Big Data technologies. It’s something that’s essential to our vision for the future, so it’s an exciting area. We’re currently working with the leading names in technology to develop and launch a strong and secure production-scale Hadoop platform, and once again I’m looking to hire top talent.

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