Biomethane to Grid

CNG Services Ltd provides expert, up to the minute independent design, consultancy and project management services for all biomethane and biogas project requirements. We are experts in the financial incentives available for renewable methane used to generate electricity, as a vehicle fuel or for injection into the gas grid.

As part of our support to potential biomethane projects we have now obtained access to all gas Grid Network Maps owned by National Grid, Wales & West Utilities, Northern Gas Networks and Scotia Gas Networks (including Southern Gas Networks).

With access to these Gas Grid Maps we assist clients with determining if there are suitable gas pipelines in the area. We will provide Satellite and gas grid view maps showing the closest connections and pressure of gas mains in the area of interest. Once connection points have been identified, we progress the query directly with the Grid owners for confirmation of pipeline capacity to ensure the project has the opportunity to go down the biomethane to grid route.