Virtual Pipelines

With high oil prices, transporting gas by road to customers not connected to the gas grid is becoming attractive. CNG Services is working on a number of projects using CNG and LNG as a way to give customers the benefit of natural gas. Using CNG or LNG in this way is known as a 'virtual pipeline'.

A trailer filled with CNG can transport around 5 tonnes of gas, an LNG tanker around 21 tonnes.

What are the benefits?

Using natural gas rather than fuel oil has a number of advantages:

  • Estimated reduction in CO2 of around 28%
  • Energy costs reduced by around 30%
  • When burnt natural gas produces significantly less pollutants such as 95% less PM10's and 70% less NOx compared to oil
  • Potential for CNG vehicles to be used as a ‘low cost’ by-product
  • Good for air quality in surrounding areas.