Electrical Warhead Engineer

"Working at AWE has given me the opportunity to further develop my professional skills, both technical and non-technical."

I have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as a Masters in Nanotechnology. I was interested in coming to work at AWE because working with the national nuclear programme sounded extremely exciting and I was keen to understand how it operates.

My job involves designing, building and then testing electronic circuits, to be integrated within a larger system of the weapon’s electronics. This involves ordering components from suppliers, looking up how it works from data sheets and how it is best implemented in the circuit I am currently designing.

My first day at AWE was very welcoming and friendly. The induction days make sure you get up-to-speed and settled in quickly. There is always someone to guide you whilst you are getting familiar with the small intricacies of AWE.

I wanted to work here so I could experience a large range of technical and non-technical roles and there are good opportunities to move around internally and gain a far better understanding of the company. The best thing about working here is the good sense of direction given on the graduate programme.

My typical day varies but usually starts with a morning coffee. Most of my time goes to working on my current project, be it in the lab or in the office. However, there are usually some interesting miscellaneous activities, about once a day, which keep me on my toes!

Working at AWE has given me the opportunity to further develop my professional skills, both technical and non-technical. Personally, working regularly with colleagues and other professionals has given me more confidence.

If you are interested in a career in engineering I would suggest learning as much as you can from all that you do. Take advice and learn from your more experienced colleagues and offer value in return in areas you are more familiar with.

I would definitely recommend AWE as an employer, especially if you’re just starting out in your career. There are plenty of exciting projects to sink your teeth into and opportunities to find what suits you best.

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