Forensic Technology Dispute Services

"The projects I’m involved in draw on numerous skills which have been developed through hands on experience and research."

Graduate, Jack joined EY’s Forensic Technology Dispute Services team (FTDS for short), we asked Jack to share his experiences and passion for technology.

I first joined EY between my second and third year of university as part of the industrial placement programme. My time as a placement student was invaluable to my academic life as it contributed greatly towards my final year at university due to all of the experienced I had gained in the former year. I was offered a full time position and re-joined EY after my third year of university and from here, my passion for technology continued to grow.

When asked what my “normal day” is like, I always struggle to give a short, clear answer. This is because my days are very varied due to the range of different projects which I could be working on at one time. I work within a large department called Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services (FIDS), specifically in the technology business unit, Forensic Technology Discovery Services (FTDS). From here, FTDS offers Information Technology Forensics, Proactive Forensic Data Analytics and Forensic e-Discovery Services.

My role resides in the final area, e-Discovery which involves applying a variety of technological solutions to ensure data is identified, collected, preserved and processed for the purpose of internal analysis and/or external review to support high profile dispute and investigation matters. This data can be from any device which is able to store digital information which results in the interaction with a multitude of different data sources ranging from servers, to laptops or mobile devices. One day I could be providing a project status update to clients, the next I could be developing a custom tool to structure and draw context from cluttered data.

I have worked on many interesting projects since my time with the firm. Currently I’m working on a variety of financial investigations with a selection of large and smaller clients. Other engagements include Conflict Mineral compliance investigations based on new legislation heightening the laws in this area. The projects I’m involved in draw on numerous skills which have been developed through hands on experience and research.

Regularly, I interact directly with legal specialists and other clients to aid them with the document review and other aspects of the project. The FTDS team supports and promotes skill development which has encouraged me to get more involved to the front facing side of the business where I can. The team also works together as part of a well-oiled machine, enforcing the necessity of being able to work both independently and in a group.

Being able to demonstrate your skills when needed is a very important aspect of working in the team as it allows you to find your strengths and build up specific skills. Enthusiasm and a thirst to learn more is particularly key when working in an industry as fast paced as this. So, if you live and breathe technology, but seek something a bit different which will push your abilities in other areas- FTDS is for you!