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Energy Innovation District

Devised and driven by the Cheshire Energy Hub coalition, the Energy Innovation District (EID) is an opportunity to deliver a new energy system in the North West of England. The objective is to provide secure, low carbon and lower cost energy – in turn helping to decarbonise the region while boosting economic growth and investment. The EID addresses the 10 pillars of the Industrial Strategy and includes energy-intensive industries, energy generators, innovative research companies, operators of the electric and gas networks, academics and owners of strategic development sites where businesses and supply chains can locate.

E Port Energy Study

The E-Port Smart Energy Master Plan examines energy use and generation in the area. This will involve talking to industrial, commercial and residential energy users to find out how much energy they use. The project also examines current and future energy generation, including renewables, and how future energy uses, like electric vehicles, and new fuels, like hydrogen, could change the energy market. The master plan will set out a ten year private sector investment programme for developing a smart grid in Ellesmere Port that could be rolled out across the UK

Employee Profiles

Rachel Dawson - Chemical Engineering

"I have been involved in a lot of technical work and used a lot of skills that I have..."

Elaine Meskhi - General Engineering

"My highlights of the scheme are the regular interaction with graduates in similar roles..."
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