Sustainability is embedded in our company ethos.

We're known for developing innovative products and processes that contribute to a lower carbon future. Sustainability is embedded in our company ethos, and we're committed to leading the UK steel industry in this arena.

A sustainable manufacturer

We were awarded a 'very good' rating under the Sustainability standard BES 6001. This recognises that we make our products using responsibly sourced materials. Achieving the BES 6001 standard certifies that we continually improve in energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and waste management, and engage positively with our local communities.

We ensure a safe, healthy and fair workplace, and are committed to training a new generation of scientists and engineers to benefit the future of our local economies. Our principles align with the challenges of sustainability; creating economic value, benefiting society and safeguarding the environment. By working with British Steel, our customers are helping to reduce transport emissions, promoting the prosperity and future of local communities.

Steel construction is sustainable

Steel is the ultimate sustainable material. Steel can be recycled infinitely without losing its properties or performance. This is called ‘multicycling’, and is unique among construction materials. Research shows that 99% of steel arising from demolition sites in the UK is reused or recycled.

Steel is a fast, safe construction material. Steel frames can be manufactured offsite in a safe factory environment. Reducing assembly time on site (7–15% less) means lower costs and less disruption to the local community. There is generally no site waste, but any that occurs can be returned to the steel supply chain and multicycled. Due to the strength of steel, buildings can be designed with long spans to offer flexible design solutions and extended life.

Sustainable products – higher strength and durability

Our dedicated new product development and R&D teams tailor the properties of steel to offer sustainable solutions. For example, our industry award-winning HP335 rail delivers energy-efficient transportation of people and goods. Extended in-service monitoring shows track life can be more than doubled while also reducing maintenance requirements. In addition to the safety, cost and environmental benefits, using HP335 means greater network availability, delivering increased and better service on rail networks.

Our customers strive to optimise the life of machinery, while making it safer, more cost-effective and more energy efficient. Innovations such as higher strength crane rail offer better durability in service with the potential to use lighter sections, reducing installation and transport costs. High-strength steel cutting edges and trackshoes offer extended life and improved durability.

The benefits of local sourcing – reduced transport emissions

By working with us, our customers positively influence the carbon footprint of their supply chain. Steel transported within the UK produces 50% less CO2 than steel sections sourced from the EU. Supply routes can offer total emissions of less than 10kg CO2 per tonne of steel in some cases - four times less than steel sourced from mainland Europe. The average distance UK manufactured steel sections are transported to our customers is less than 150km. European sourced steel sections may travel over 4,000km by comparison with non-EU manufactured steel travelling even further.

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