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U-POL is a world leader in automotive refinish products. Recognised globally with sales in over 100 countries, U-POL is committed to consistently providing customers with products of the quality professionals demand - the highest! Read more »

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  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
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U-POL is a world leader in automotive refinishing products.
We consistently provide customers with the product quality that professional technicians demand.
Our specialty fillers ensure that whatever the application, we have a product suitable for those tricky repairs.
We have 70 years' experience manufacturing coatings & fillers in the UK.
We're heavily investing in future innovation, to help customers get it right first time, every time.
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Rhiannon Naylor

Graduate R&D Scientist

"The job is varied and gives ample opportunity for training and travel, especially while testing innovative technologies."

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Chemistry Intern

"Overall, a 12 month placement at U-POL is a brilliant experience which has enabled me to develop myself as an individual while also opening doors to future career paths."

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