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mthree is an emerging talent partner, delivering technology talent through our sourcing and training services across the globe. We work with a range of clients from global investment banks to up-and-coming FinTech’s. Read more »

Typically recruits

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical/Process
  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths
Founded in 2010 and now supporting a global workforce of over 600 employees, mthree is an established name in technology talent.
Alumni is our graduate programme focused on providing businesses with hungry, trained tech talent to grow their teams
mthree Alumni experience……rapid career acceleration, via tailored training and expert support.
We offer market-leading graduate salaries, a generous benefit package and exciting career development.
We provide an exciting, innovative events community for our Alumni.
Over 1,100 students have Followed us on Gradcracker.

Dillan (Alumni)

Production Support

"Finance is an incredibly diverse sector with a wide range of career options. I knew I'd be able to find a role to develop my particular skillset whilst working within a competitive, yet team-oriented environment."

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Josh (Alumni)

Software Development

"You get out what you put in, and MThree are willing to invest in you as much as you're willing to invest in yourself."

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What happens at the end of the Alumni Programme?

“When you reach the end of your two year Alumni placement, you know you’re about to go from one level to the next in your career. I was surprised when I realised how much I’d learned and it made me really excited about the opportunity to take on more responsibility in a senior role."

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mthree Women's network event - 'Tech it out!'

Our ‘been there done that’ speakers will give you a behind the scenes insight into careers in tech at the world’s largest investment banks. You’ll get to hear senior tech managers and Alumni Graduate Associates talk about their experiences in the industry, and learn why banks now consider...

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