Dillan (Alumni)

Production Support

"Finance is an incredibly diverse sector with a wide range of career options. I knew I'd be able to find a role to develop my particular skillset whilst working within a competitive, yet team-oriented environment."

Where did you study?

Royal Holloway, University of London.

What degree do you have?

BSc in Physics.

What attracted you to the Alumni programme?

I’ve always had a keen interest in technology, but my interest in finance only really began in my final year of university. Naturally, I thought being able to develop both of my active interests within a Fintech role was a fantastic opportunity. The impressive remuneration package and the opportunity to be part of a full-service, global investment bank made the role that much more appealing.

What was it about working in Financial Services that appealed to you?

Finance is an incredibly diverse sector with a wide range of career options. I knew I’d be able to find a role to develop my particular skillset whilst working within a competitive, yet team-oriented environment. It was also a shining opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people, challenging me on a daily basis.

When did you start?

Around 3 months ago.

What’s your job role?

I work as a Production Support Analyst within Fixed Income Technology. Our team supports a stack of risk based applications which are fundamental to the banks smooth operation. To date, the majority of my time has been spent supporting one application, however I am beginning to familiarise myself with other applications with the goal of becoming as versatile and valuable to the team as possible.

Briefly describe a typical working day.

My day typically begins by carrying out ‘RfB' (Ready for Business) checks. It is essential that these checks are thorough and prompt, as they ensure that any issues are resolved before they are evident to business users. The rest of the day consists of monitoring the various support chats/email inboxes and resolving any queries we receive, as well team meetings and liaising with development teams/other support teams for any number of reasons.

What has surprised you most about working at a global Investment Bank?

It’s far bigger than I imagined it would be. I was not aware that I would be working/liaising with teams in other areas of the world so regularly. It’s an incredibly smooth operation.

What’s been the best bit so far?

Definitely the Alumni Welcome Event held at the new offices in Harbour Exchange. It was a great night with plenty of activities (and drinks and food) for us to enjoy, and an easy way to break the ice and meet the other alumni. MThree are quite generous with prizes too – having only been to two events so far, I have already walked away with gift vouchers and a sports blender!

Is the training MThree have provided so far proving useful?

I haven’t experienced any training just yet, but it is bespoke so I have no doubt it will be invaluable. The online learning resources are very comprehensive, and I have already completed a beginners SQL course on it. MThree also occasionally contact us with opportunities to take other courses, which of course come out of the training fund they set aside for you.

How are you finding living and working in London?

Working in London is great, and I quite enjoy the commute in and out too, it gives me an excuse to catch up on the news. You’re also spoilt for choice; be it for any meal of the day, the options are unlimited and you’ll never struggle to find a place to unwind after work.

Are you using the gym membership that’s included in the package?

Yes, I try and make a trip on the weekends at the very least. I was pretty excited when I found out how many different tiers we had access to.

What are your longer term aspirations at the end of the two years?

It’s probably too early to give a concrete answer, but staying on at RBS could potentially provide me with the variety I desire. Having spoken to managers and colleagues, I gathered that there could potentially be opportunities to cross into different roles. So if I feel that my interests have drifted after the scheme and I want to go down the developer route, or perhaps delve deeper into a more business-oriented role, I am confident I’ll have support in doing so.

What are your colleagues at MThree like?

Welcoming and lively. There’s no difficulty at all getting along with everybody here if you make the effort.

Do you see much of the other Alumni?

Yes, I’m fortunate enough to have two other Alumni within my team, as well as several others dotted around my floor with whom I regularly speak.

What advice would you give to other graduates thinking of joining the Alumni programme?

Be prepared to back your assertions up. Do you feel like you want to mention you’ve done some programming? Or that you’ve always had an interest in finance? Then expect to get questioned on and around your knowledge of the subject. Practice speaking with confidence and concision, and be sure to really hammer down your desire and willingness to work hard and learn. This enthusiasm will outweigh any shortcomings in terms of experience, and could very well be the deciding factor in your offer. Do also remember that prod support is a technical role after all, so if you’re technical knowledge isn’t up to scratch, it is in your best interests to learn as much as possible before the interview. In doing this you’ll be able to prove that you’re already self-developing and taking active strides towards your interests, as opposed to just stating that you hold certain interests without any substantiation.

Thanks. Before we wrap up, any other comments that you’d like to add?

Although I’ve only been a part of the Alumni scheme for a short time, I’ve seen enough to know that I will take away valuable skills and enjoy my time here. If you’re reading this now you’re probably interested in applying, so I’d say prepare as hard as you can and you won’t regret the outcome. Best of luck, and I hope to see you on the scheme soon!