Anika (Alumni)

Production Support

"I love numbers and problem-solving and wanted to make a difference to as many people as I could. Working at a global investment bank gave me that opportunity."

Where did you study?

Queen Mary University of London

What degree do you have?

BSc Computer Science with Business Management

What attracted you to the Alumni programme?

The prospect of working with modern day technology in investment banks really appealed to me.

What was it about working in Financial Services that appealed to you?

I love numbers and problem-solving and wanted to make a difference to as many people as I could. Working at a global investment bank gave me that opportunity.

When did you start?

January 2016

What’s your job role?

Production Support

Briefly describe a typical working day.

Maintaining application systems ensuring everything is up to a high standard and in good working order, providing support for technical queries, producing daily/weekly reports for the Front Office Controls team, providing one-to-one training for new users of our applications

What has surprised you most about working at a global Investment Bank?

How friendly and approachable everyone is, especially the other Alumni grads. Going into such a corporate environment, I was worried my personality wouldn’t quite fit in.

What’s been the best bit so far?

No day is ever the same. I love learning new things and these first few weeks have been a real learning curve for me.

Is the training MThree have provided so far proving useful?

Yes, some of the terminology I’ve learnt through Fitch has definitely helped me get started.

How are you finding living and working in London?

It’s great, I’ve lived and worked here all my life. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Are you using the gym membership that’s included in the package?

Definitely, I used to visit the gym regularly before even starting at MThree so that’s been a real bonus.

What are your longer term aspirations at the end of the two years?

To become a valuable asset to the bank by gaining a thorough understanding of how different technology supports it. Ideally I would like to expand my knowledge and learn how to support additional applications.

What are your colleagues at MThree like?

Funny, friendly and down to earth

Do you see much of the other Alumni?

Yes all the time, one sits behind me! I love catching up with them when I get the chance.

What advice would you give to other graduates thinking of joining the Alumni programme?

Go for it, you have nothing to lose and the rewards are definitely worth the effort.

Thanks. Before we wrap up, any other comments that you’d like to add?

Quick note - If you’re a sociable person like me, you’ll love the events MThree organise for us.  It gives you a nice break out of the office which everyone needs from time to time!

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