Himani (Alumni)

Software Development

"During the mthree training, everything was practical. We implemented what we learnt to understand how it works."

Why did you choose mthree?  

It seemed like a great opportunity to get trained by experts and the intensive training curriculum looked both exciting and challenging. Also, my parents were very happy that mthree would give me the opportunity to work at an investment bank. 

On the first day of training, we were thrown in at the deep end and had to introduce ourselves to a class of 52 people we didn’t know. It was really refreshing. It boosts your confidence having to speak in front of so many new people! 

During our first week, we learnt professional & communication skills and about financial markets, we then switched to technical skills. What also made the mthree programme appealing was the fact that the topics were new to us and were directly relevant for working in the corporate world.

What was the assessment process like?  

The assessment process had four rounds. In the first round, we were assessed on our English, Maths and probability skills. In the second, we were given 10 minutes to solve logical and aptitude questions. The third round was the WileyNXT telephone interview where they assessed communication skills and looked through my resume. The fourth and final round was an automated video interview which included a set of generic & technical questions that we had to answer in 1 hour.   

How did you find the training different to your college learning?  

There was a huge difference between my education and the mthree training. In the mthree training, everything was practical. We were given a theoretical topic and we were encouraged to implement what we had learnt to help us understand how it works.  

For example, we studied SQL queries for a day and then straight away we were given the task to write one. We then had exposure to next batches, scripting and many DevOps tools like Ansible, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker and Amazon Web Services that will be crucial for the Production Support Analyst role.  

What was the training like?

Training sessions were a full day and led by trainers that had experience working in the tech industry. We were always encouraged to work in groups to improve our teamwork abilities. Each group had around 4 trainees with people from all parts of India, so the teamwork aspect gave us a chance to interact with others, and experience a real-world environment.

What does a Production Support Analyst do at an investment bank?

Production Support is not just technical. It includes troubleshooting the end user’s problem and working with various teams.

Production Support is necessary because it closes the gap between developers/technical department and the end user. We receive requests from an end user, analyse the request and respond with the best possible solution. We delve into the technology and make fixes, updates or changes to the applications and systems. It’s a really important role for maintaining scheduled jobs and analysing applications.

What are you looking forward to about starting your role on site?

I'm very excited to go and implement what I’ve learnt in training and continue to develop my knowledge and skills, and I’ve always been interested in working in tech. 

I think it’s also important for more women to work in Production Support. Men and women can have different thought processes and having diverse teams encourages a range of ideas and different ways of solving problems.

What do you want to achieve in this role?

I want to be a subject matter expert and lead a team. I’ve led some teams in college, but I want to prove my leadership skills and there’s always scope to improve. I enjoy learning and I would like to increase my technical knowledge and learn more technologies.

What advice would you have for other graduates who are at the start of their mthree training?

My advice is to soak up the knowledge the trainers share and to complete all the tasks they give you as they’re important. Put in 100% effort, be positive throughout and keep learning!

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