Josh (Alumni)

Software Development

"You get out what you put in, and MThree are willing to invest in you as much as you're willing to invest in yourself."

Thinking back to when you were a student, how did you feel about taking the leap from university to the working world?

During my Physics degree, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in my career. I knew I was learning valuable skills like problem solving, fast learning and Python scripting, but it felt like they were too general to apply to a specific industry.

A lot of employers weren’t willing to invest in me or help me invest in myself. Thankfully, MThree offered the training and support I needed to launch my career in development!

How does the Alumni programme compare to what you know about other graduate programmes?

With other grad programmes, you spend 6 months in different roles and get a generic overview of a company. The technologies they use tend to be specific, and they’re often unwilling to provide additional training on areas you didn’t learn at uni.

However with MThree, you get taught common programming languages, database languages and Unix shell scripting which are transferable and relevant regardless of the company you’ll work for in ten years time.

MThree also provides support during your time onsite with additional training. At the end of the 2 years, you have the option to work for the client permanently, or continue to work for MThree with one of their other clients. It just feels like there’s a huge amount of opportunity!

What attracted you most to join Alumni?

For me, it was the opportunity that it brought. With all of the possible career options in development, cybersecurity and data science, I felt spoiled for choice! There is a lot happening in FinTech, and MThree seemed ahead of the curve.

How do you feel the Alumni training prepared you for your role?

I’m going to be working at Amadeus in the Data Synchronisation team. They use C++ compiled remotely on a UNIX machine. During my time before working at Amadeus, I was trained in SQL, BASH, Java, C++, Python and Javascript over the course of 2-3 months. I look forward to putting it all into practice!

What aspects of the training did you find most useful?

For me, it was learning how to learn efficiently. Every company uses unique in-house technologies and techniques, and I’ll be working in a team of coders who are likely to approach problems slightly differently. This means I’ll have to tackle problems from unique angles, and this will require continuous learning. This was a skill I rapidly picked up at MThree. Being in a class full of CompSci graduates, I worked hard to be able to get to their level of coding, and MThree helped me massively.

How did your trainer’s experience and background contribute to your learning?

All of my trainers had years of experience in technology. They knew the tech inside out and tailored the course in a unique way. They also guided us to make the transition from campus to corporate life, such as how to make good impressions, the right ethical decisions, and set ourselves ambitious goals.

What are you looking forward to most about joining Amadeus onsite?

C++ is a new language for me, and while it has a lot of challenging aspects, it’s interesting because it bridges the gap between computer theory and practical coding.

The company culture surrounding Amadeus encourages continuous learning, and through MThree I’ve met other Alumni currently placed there who I’ve made great friends with over the past few months. I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

What are your career goals and ambitions over the next 2 years?

I want to learn as much as possible about software development and computer systems. By the end of the next two years, I want to be a proficient language-agnostic developer. In other words, I want to get to a point where I am skilled enough at coding to be able to move easily from language to language.

How is MThree helping you achieve your career goals?

I have been placed in a role which involves compiling C++ on a Linux machine to synchronise data between two platforms. This technology stack requires a deep knowledge of the program build process, memory architecture on both Windows and Linux, as well as data management techniques. This will be a challenge for me, but one which I believe maximises my learning potential.

What skills are you looking to develop?

I’ve learned a lot during my training, but there is plenty left to learn! On top of additional coding skills, I want to hone in on communication and teamwork through agile techniques.

Do you have any advice for graduates considering the Alumni programme?

Try not to compare yourself to others. Ask lots of questions, and always try to better yourself. You get out what you put in, and MThree are willing to invest in you as much as you’re willing to invest in yourself. Come and see what it’s about!

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