Bsc graduate in Business Information Technology now working as a DevOps Engineer at a leading investment bank

"My team are helpful with educating me on systems and are always willing to teach me so i feel lucky to work with them."

Armanta graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology from the University of Wollongong. In February last year, she joined Wiley Edge as a DevOps Engineer for a leading investment bank. We caught up with her to find out what it’s like working for a global technology team.

How did Wiley Edge prepare you for your first role?

"When I was approached for the job, DevOps was a new concept to me. Once Jovy from Wiley Edge explained what the role would involve, I was eager to go for it as it sits in between the two areas I studied during my degree – business and technology.

Jovy helped with lots of interview prep and explained step-by-step what I needed to do to have a successful interview. She spent time going through the job description in detail with me which reassured me that this role was right for me."

Did you receive any training from Wiley Edge?

"The LinkedIn Learning license that Wiley Edge provided me has been really useful. There are times in my job that I use LinkedIn Learning to get some background knowledge on a new system or technology that I haven’t used before. The training really helped me and I’m learning skills that are directly relevant to my role."

What does your job involve?

"The easiest way to describe my role is that I’m the middleman between the operations team and the technical team. I receive requests from the operations team that explain the issues they’re having, which I then pass onto the technical team to find out how they’ll solve it. I then transfer that technical knowledge into a business communication that the operation teams can understand.

For example, there might be an issue that’s impacting the business side. I’ll send a communication, usually an email, that includes important information like how long we predict the problem to last and how fast we’re able to fix it. This is so that teams know how long it will impact the business.

The 'business' side is mainly marketing which includes handling of external clients by updating prices accordingly. For the technical side, we operate a system that runs a program to process prices daily. So if there are any IT issues spotted in the program, which might cause delay then the whole business will be affected. Which is why communication is important."

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