Making fresh prepared foods for all meal occasions.

We are the leading provider of fresh prepared food in the UK, with an international presence in the US and China. If you shop in any of the UK major grocery retailers, you are more than likely to have bought one of our products - but are less likely to be familiar with our company name. This is because the vast majority of the products we make are marketed under the private-label brands of our customers.

The products we make are prepared ready to eat, ready to reheat or ready to cook. We make them just like they’re made at home, starting with high-quality ingredients, carefully selected from growers, our own farms and from suppliers we trust.

Consumers are at the heart of what we do: our deep understanding of the food choices they make enables us to create and make innovative products for our customers that set us apart from our competitors. Focusing on customer service and continuously creating and making food that is commercially viable and meets consumer demand is what drives our business and what creates value for our stakeholders.

Bakkavor are currently looking for talented graduates just like you, to launch a career in a business at the leading edge of the industry. With the choice of seven different programmes, you will get to explore everything we do through on-the-job training, mentorship and fast-track development. Whichever path you take, you will experience the depth and breadth of our business by working with different departments, products and customers. We will also sponsor you to achieve professional qualifications in your chosen field too.

We work in the following sector

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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Dan Thorne - Commercial Graduate

"Life as a Commercial AMS at Bakkavor really means every day is different. I have been..."
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Our core market is the UK but we have operations in Spain, China & the US.
We are a leading international manufacturer of fresh prepared foods.
We create high-quality foods across 18 different product categories including desserts, salads and pizzas.
We work in partnership with global grocery retailers.
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