Harriet Cooper

"This really is a scheme that broadens your knowledge, skills and interests."

While at BRE you will not only have the opportunity to work within the fields of interest that brought you here, but you will also be exposed to areas of the business you previously knew little about. This really is a scheme that broadens your knowledge, skills and interests.

In my first placement with Building Futures Group (BFG) I was able to further explore my personal interesting in the relationship between climate change and the built environment while working on a number of research projects. Simultaneously, I was involved in the marketing and communications for one of BRE’s latest brands, SiteSmart. Though I had no prior knowledge of marketing this placement enabled me to gain an insight into this field while also allowing me to develop my research, collaborative and report writing skills.

My second placement is with the Centre for Resilience in BRE Scotland. Here I am involved with a number of projects focused on flood and overheating resilience. In addition to the motivating work I have also been given the opportunity to work in a part of the UK I previously haven’t spent much time in. It is definitely a perk to work within a subject I am passionate about during the week and explore the highlands on the weekend!

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