Jasmin Giesbrecht

Quality Lab Group Leader

"I especially like all the opportunities Kautex provides to me. There are not many employers that would have made all the moves and changes possible that I have gone through until now."

Jasmin finished her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering in March 2013 at University of Siegen in Germany before she started at Kautex within the scope of the Kautex Development Programme for Engineers in October 2013. As part of this Development Programme and also after finishing this 24month programme, Jasmin has spent her last 4 years with Kautex living and working in 5 different countries. Besides that, she also visited several more plants including Barcelona, Spain; Leer, Mallersdorf and Duisdorf in Germany; Liversedge, UK as well as Troy, MI in the US.

Working as a "Trainee" within the Development Programme gave her the opportunity to gain insight in the work of different departments, areas and countries. This was exactly what she wanted after her graduation, to figure out which position might be the best fit for her and Kautex in the end.

"I was able to plan my rotations together with HR and my supervisors and could influence what I was doing the next 6 months.", Jasmin said.

In her first rotation, Jasmin attended a Trainee shop floor camp in Mallersdorf together with other Trainees, where they had to experience the hard work their colleagues on the shopfloor are doing every day. After one week full of manual labor and team-building activities, Jasmin was prepared to start her traineeship in the Logistics department of the Small Series Production in our Headquarter in Bonn. After 6 months she moved on to the Quality department in Tessenderlo, before she spent further 6 months as a Launch Manager in Czech Republic. Her last rotation within the Kautex Development Programme was in the Quality department in Lavonia, GA in the US. From then she took over her first permanent position as Quality Lab Group Lead in Coventry, UK.

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