Chris Mitchinson

Graduate Systems Engineer

"Meet Chris Mitchinson. Read how the graduate systems engineer enjoys the cutting-edge technical challenges and the opportunities to broaden his horizons."

What are your main tasks as a Graduate Systems Engineer?

My day-to-day job can vary hugely, though there are a few key things which run through my working week. An important element of my working life is communication with the rest of the team. The designs that we work on have complicated issues spreading across the whole system from hardware, systems and software, to firmware. I spend a good portion of my time talking to the team so that we can work together to make our output greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Tell us about your typical day?

On any one day I might be: conducting tests in the lab to identify or analyse an issue in the system; working in the systems integration lab to test the design; planning tests to validate or investigate an area of the design; or be sat at my desk modelling a future improvement to the design of our systems. In the past, I’ve been involved in many trial activities, from analysing data sent back from trials to completing sell-off tests which prove the capability of the equipment going to trial.

Are you involved in related activities outside your specific job role?

I am also involved in a few other projects away from my day-to-day job. Currently the company is part-funding a small team of us to compete in the IET Global Challenge, and in the past I have been away with the company on team-building trips and visits to customer sites to learn more about the implementation of our products with the end-user.

What do you enjoy about working at Leonardo?

I enjoy working here because every day I spend my time working as part of a team to tackle cutting-edge technical challenges that are complex and varied. The teamwork and camaraderie can make each day fun and interesting. The company also allows me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, looking at different parts of the business which focus on everything from smart solutions for building heating management, to laser-based counter-measures.

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