Santhosh Goverdhan

Graduate Hardware Engineer

"Meet Santhosh Govardhan. Learn about the opportunities and experiences he's gained since joining the company's graduate scheme, after completing his Master's Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering."

When did you join Leonardo?

I joined the company after completing my Master’s Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow. I did a couple of internships with the company before joining the Graduate Scheme as a Hardware Engineer.

What are your main tasks as a Hardware Engineer?

My work doesn’t follow a set pattern. It varies, depending on the requirements. Mainly I perform Hardware Failure or Fault investigations in Radar Systems. No two faults are the same, hence I don’t have repetitive work to be done, which I like as this suits me well. Recently there was a requirement in the project for a Firmware Engineer. Since I’m interested in learning new skills, I volunteered for the role and was trained for Firmware programming.

What resources ensure you can do your job effectively?

The two important resources I consider to be the best at Leonardo are the advanced Lab facilities and the knowledgeable people with years of experience. This makes my working day much more productive and interesting, because every project I work on helps me gain a varied knowledge and experience.

What do you enjoy about working at Leonardo?

The one important thing I enjoy the most at Leonardo is the job satisfaction. The work I do involves present day up-to-date electronics, which updates me constantly with new innovations in the field. At the end of the day, I feel productive and get a sense of accomplishment.

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