Beam me up

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How can we make our sites safer? One idea looks to better protect operatives from entering no-people zones with the use of lasers.

Go back a few decades and laser beams were the stuff of science-fiction – who hasn’t wished they owned a lightsabre at one time or another? But as technology has progressed, the cost of producing lasers has lowered dramatically, making it a cost-effective choice for construction sites – especially when it comes to protecting our workforce.

This gave Josh Green, our graduate Construction Manager at International Quarter London (IQL), an idea. Noticing that the management of our no-people zones on site could be improved, he wondered if break beam lasers could be the answer.

So, following Lendlease’s Innovation Pathway, Josh is about to embark upon a six-week experiment at a couple of our projects – International Quarter London and Elephant Park. Across a total of seven exclusion zones, he hopes to see if break beam lasers could indeed better protect our workforce.

Josh told Gradcracker “The Construction Executive Leadership Team have been incredibly supportive of the idea and the Advisory Forum has funded the forthcoming experiment.

“I have found that when the beam is broken and the alarm sounds, operatives stop and re-evaluate their surroundings. This is the sole purpose of the initiative; the alarm is a form of protection for our people on site when working around dangerous operations – people are too often asleep at the wheel and unknowingly put themselves at risk.

“The next stage is to scale up this experiment and test the idea across an entire construction site.”

Josh’s innovative research into break beam lasers has huge potential and has led to him being the recipient of this year’s Excellence in Innovation (Safety Focus) Award at our Regional Employee Excellence Awards.