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Added: 25th January 2019 by Lendlease

What does it mean to be a Lendlease graduate? Our Grad Life series finds out first-hand.

This week, we caught up with: Colleen Liston, Construction Graduate

Colleen Liston, 23, is Graduate Assistant Construction Manager. She lives at home in London.

I chose Lendlease because...

The company was able to support me during my studies and provide me with work experience throughout my time at university.

I'm currently responsible for...

Assisting our structures team in the pre-construction phase to build Google’s London HQ. I’m assisting them in helping to identify interfaces between trades and ensuring the pre-fabricated elements are manufactured in time as well as ensuring the trades are receiving their required information, so they can plan their work effectively.

I found the recruitment process...

Easy. As they want to see who you really are, I would advise people applying to just be themselves and enthusiastic.

I've learnt that the industry...

Has lots of very experienced people who are more than willing to teach and guide you, every day is different, and you never stop learning new things or meeting new people. I have been on various courses that have helped with my role on site such as defibrillator training, negotiating skills, presenting with impact, core trades and many more. There are plenty of training opportunities available all you have to do it ask.

Lendlease is a place for me because...

I have always felt like there were people looking out for me and willing to help me progress even from when I first got sponsorship at university.

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