Jamie Cargill - Graduate Assistant Commercial Manager

Find out why Lendlease is a place for Jamie.

Employee Profiles

Ellen Green - Assistant Development Manager

"Every team I have worked with has been incredibly supportive – I feel I’ve grown as an..."

Valentina Quintero, Consulting Graduate

"The company vision and strategy drew me in, but the people were what made my decision."

Neelam Kundi, Development Graduate

"Lendlease provides you with the opportunity to make your voice heard and support your..."

Emma - Graduate

"Everyone understands that you are just starting out and learning.The support provided..."

Musab Saeed - Assistant Project Manager (Graduate Trainee)

"There are loads of opportunities, so don’t be shy to ask for a chance to shine."

Zeeshan Ali, Construction Graduate

"Safety is the top priority and the wellbeing of employees is really valued."
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