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Next Jump, as a ‘Deliberately Developmental Organisation’, is on a mission to create high-performing workplace cultures across the globe. People development is at the heart of everything we do and we follow this simple mantra: Better Me + Better You = Better Us. Read more »

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Next Jump is used by 30 million employees across Fortune 1,000 companies.
$2 Billion in sales every year built on a revolutionary workplace culture.
A unique development platform with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical training.
Next Jump uses its employee saving platform to help support afterschool clubs, the military & other non-profits.
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"I overcame my stubbornness to be right"

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"I learnt to trust my gut"

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Culture 10X Breakfast: A Forum For Sharing Experiments

During these breakfasts, we facilitate an inspiring space for individuals and organisations (across all sectors, including Government, Intelligence, Corporate and Consulting to Non-Profits, Start-ups and Education) to openly exchange knowledge.

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Sleep Is a Company’s Problem

Would you mind if your employees showed up drunk to work every day? It’s such an absurd question it’s almost laughable. Of course you would! However, that’s exactly what we are getting if we don’t help our employees get a good night’s sleep every night.

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