Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Did you know...

…that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars can offer a palette of 44,000 different exterior paint colours?
...that it takes 60 pairs of hands more than 450 hours to design, construct and craft each Rolls-Royce Motor Car.
…that thanks to the 60 degree angle between the two cylinder banks of the V12, you can balance a £1 coin (1 Euro) on the engine when it is running, as there are no vibrations.
…that every new Rolls-Royce Motor Car is fitted with custom-designed umbrellas, housed in a concealed compartment which feature a drainage system in case they are stowed when not completely dry.
  …that the unique Starlight Headliner consists of 1,440 fibre optics, drilled and placed by hand, which can even be tailored to a customer's request such as the star constellation on the night they were born.