Our Core Services

Business Consulting

Our business consultants are adept at finding ways to improve business performance through technology. They spend the time to become completely immersed in our customers’ worlds, understanding their business almost as well as their CEOs and FDs do. They use the full breadth of their sector and technology expertise to make recommendations that fit perfectly with our customers’ business strategies and they aren’t scared to challenge assumptions, ask those difficult questions or investigate the things nobody likes to think about.


Sometimes unlocking improvements to business performance can be difficult, especially when a seemingly unassailable problem presents itself. We provide software services to allow businesses to smash through those barriers to improvement.

Often this requires more than a little creativity and a lot of technical expertise, which is where our consultants with a passion for technology and eye for business value come in. Whether the help we give is a little or a lot, clients can be sure the service we provide will involve working closely with them to ensure the best outcome.

Cloud & Technology 

We're determined that any upfront investment in new technology or ongoing investment in Cloud technology must satisfy a business need or solve a business problem. Our extensive experience and knowledge of Cloud, on-premise or best of breed technologies will enable us to design a solution that meets clients needs, not just now, but for years to come. Our aim is to reduce the cost of IT service ensuring that it provides a return on investment, delivering IT that is aligned to clients core business strategy.

Cyber Resilience

In today’s world all organisations need to ensure that critical business data is protected from an ever evolving landscape of cyber threats. This doesn’t need to be scary, difficult or cost the earth. Protecting businesses critical information doesn’t start with expensive technology but rather by getting the basics right. We take a pragmatic, non-alarmist approach to information security. By examining people, processes and technology our team of cyber consultants will work with clients to design, implement and optimise security controls that fit their business, without the red tape.

Data & Analytics

Our consultants will work with businesses to decide what their company should be measuring to determine its performance. They'll build KPIs from their clients business strategy, ensuring that they'll be analysing meaningful metrics. They will construct a data warehouse to gather and store all the information needed, extracting data from many different systems and cleaning it to present a single version of the truth. And they'll work with them to find a platform that will present the information they need in just the way they need to see it.

Managed Services 

Working in partnership with clients, our Managed Services team will ensure all the people, processes and technology are in place to deliver an IT Service that generates a return on investment.

If a client isn't quite there yet we will build them a roadmap that shows them exactly what they need to do. If they need some help doing it, then we can design a support contract to fit their needs, whether that’s just someone to keep the lights on or a full outsourcing of their IT Service with a full time on-site presence.

Project Management

A great business idea or technical design and solution will not by itself lead to a successful project.

Projects are hard to do - the ambiguity, uncertainty and changes they bring about can be scary for those involved and for those who are impacted. Project governance, project planning, scope control, business change management, risk management and communication are just some of the skills needed. We combine these with business acumen, experience and drive to ensure we successfully deliver any project (or whole programme of projects).

Mergers & Acquisitions

Waterstons’ dedicated Mergers and Acquisitions team brings many decades of combined experience in technology and business, across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, education and public sector. We can rapidly deploy specialists in M&A, backed up by Waterstons’ wider skills in business consulting, technology, software and cyber resilience.

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