Our Core Teams

Our core services cover the entire breadth of technology. These services aren’t discrete and many of our consultants sit across boundaries.


Our team of transformation consultants are expert at finding ways to improve business performance through technology. They spend their time becoming immersed in our customers’ worlds, understanding their businesses almost as well as their CEOs and FDs do. They use the full breadth of their sector and technology expertise to make recommendations that fit perfectly with our customers’ business strategies.


Our bespoke software consultants help our clients to solve tricky problems and improve their business through software. Using proven agile delivery methods the team deliver resilient, secure software to clients big and small, no matter the complexity. They also actively support and maintain the solutions we deliver, as well as those created by others.


Our technology team has extensive experience of best of breed technologies which enables them to design and implement solutions that meet our clients’ needs both now and in the future. Their aim is to reduce the cost of our clients’ IT service, ensuring that it provides a return on investment. They also design and provide support contracts for our clients, whether that’s just someone to keep the lights on or full outsourcing of their service with an on-site presence.


Our cyber security team help our clients to build a resilient and secure IT service that will keep their business running against all odds. They design, implement and optimise security controls that fit our clients’ business, without the red tape. The team ensure our clients have a continuity plan in place, no single points of failure and a disaster recovery plan to get the critical parts of their business back up and running, as quickly as possible, should the worst happen.

Employee Profiles

Elana Wong – Graduate Information Security Consultant

"The most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of my role is being given so much freedom and..."

Marcus Penn - Graduate Bespoke Consultant

"I’ve come from a Physics background so the most challenging aspect for me has been..."
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