Marcus Penn

Graduate Bespoke Consultant

"I’ve come from a Physics background so the most challenging aspect for me has been getting up to speed with coding, however there is always someone around who is more than happy to help if I need it."

BSc Experimental Physics, University of York

Why Waterstons?

After meeting some of the team at a careers fair, I got the feeling that Waterstons was different to many of the other companies present. I could tell that people, both clients and staff, were of the utmost importance to Waterstons.

Typical day

A typical day in my role involves a meeting with my project team where we all discuss what work we did the previous day, what’s planned in for that day, and any issues we may have. Typically I then work on the various projects I am involved in until people start heading off to lunch, where we have the daily quiz. After lunch it is back to project work, although there is always someone you can catch up with if you need a break.

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