Employee Profiles

Michael Jennison

Michael Jennison

Process Analyst

 Joshua Bates

Joshua Bates

Commercial Analyst

Calum Scott

Calum Scott

Business Change Analyst

Navdeep Kahlon

Navdeep Kahlon

Future Energy Scenarios Systems Operator

Erinn Sapsford, Placement Student

"I highly recommend doing a year in industry, I had a fantastic time and it made me excited to get back to using my degree in a practical way."

Susan McDonald - Graduate Engineer (Energy)

"I decided on a career in engineering after spending ten days at NASA via the Scottish Space School as a teenager..."

Javid Khan - Group Strategy Manager

"When I look forward there’s quite an ambitious agenda ahead of me and every year is different and for me, that excitement keeps me here at National Grid . . ."

Ben Pirie - Engineer Training Programme, Power System Design

"National Grid will provide everything you need and with the diversity of different jobs there’s something for everyone at National Grid . . ."

Ali Shad - Power Academy Student, Construction

"Tomorrow I’m going to a transformer factory to see how a transformer gets wound up, and next week I’m going to Spennymoor to see a brand new overhead line construction . . ."

Olagoke Phillips - Technical Graduate, Grain LNG

"I see myself in the next five years being a Chartered Chemical Engineer where I would have gained the right key skills in my development of my career . . ."

Sally Nicholson - Power Systems Engineer

"I love working at National Grid, my colleagues are fantastic, and they really support me with the work that I’m doing . . ."

Chris Rison - Technical Graduate, Gas Distribution

"I’m working on the smart travel project getting the gas distribution fleet of vehicles - over 3000 - installed with a new piece of hardware . . ."